Bridge the Gap
Aligning Programming, People and Performance
Strengthening Organizational Effectiveness
Leadership, Management, Coaching and Teambuilding

Bean Group Global (BGG) is an Economically-Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business with a global-reaching network and team.

BGG is committed to using strength-based approaches to build more inclusive resilient, peaceful and effective organizations. We contribute field expertise and academic rigor to design innovative solutions to intractable problems.

Addressing Organizational Capacity

The pursuit of development results often leads institutions to overlook their organizational health. To establish effective and sustainable international partnerships, organizations must first have clear internal processes.

BGG assists in the refinement of strategic priorities, clarification of roles, norms and values, and streamlines decision making— resulting in better performing organizations.

Aligning Programming, People, and Performance

Organizations, governments and communities achieve greatest impact when programming and people are aligned. We design dynamic workshops and seminars, assessments and evaluations, and performance improvement strategies to maximize impact.

Whether domestic or international, private or public sector, BGG uses technical expertise and facilitation skills to build pathways for people and organizations to excel.

From Practitioners to Leaders

In the high pressure, high risk environment of international development, successful organizations need technical experts who can also lead multicultural teams. Our dynamic and substantive approach to learning and training allows for practitioners to develop proficiency with a broad set of tools to engage stakeholders, map networks, partner strategically, and cultivate behavior change linked to development outcomes.

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