Unlocking Potential, Accelerating Impact  

Bean Group Global is a women-owned small business committed to unlocking individual, team, and organizational potential through learning and leadership development to strengthen governance practices, collaboration, and performance.

We share a core belief that every system contains unique strengths that, once identified, are the key to accelerating global development impact. BGG's approaches generate actionable solutions, drive adaptive management, and foster a culture of continuous learning to achieve development objectives.

Our Services

BGG specializes in fit-for-purpose programs that enhance organizational effectiveness and foster sustainable growth. Utilization and application drive all of our learning and capacity strengthening activities. We use data and diagnostics to identify the behaviors, tools, and processes that will improve system performance, designing experiential and customized programs that facilitate enduring outcomes.

Our suite of services includes skill building, training and facilitation, instructional design, learning evaluation, organizational development, leadership development and governance support, and executive and team coaching services. We work with U.S.-based and international teams that operate in-person, virtually, and in a hybrid mix.

Our Approach

The right solutions to complex development challenges can only emerge through intentional, inclusive, and participatory processes. At BGG, we are committed to accelerating the uptake of new practices and behaviors through processes and programs grounded in a rights-based philosophy and an approach to learning and capacity strengthening that is: 

Strengths-based - We acknowledge and build on what works within the system as we co-create new solutions with our partners.

Actionable and data-driven - We break the “endless cycle of training” by grounding all learning events in measurable, actionable outputs.  

Context-specific - We recognize that every system is unique and customize designs using references and models appropriate for the audience and system with which we are working. 

Focused on accountability  - We build in coaching, mentoring, and action learning with partners and communities of practices to support and accelerate uptake of new skills and behaviors for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

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