BGG’s team of expert staff and consultants provides a range of services to our clients across a variety of sectors. We work with domestic and international teams in-person, virtually, and in hybrid settings, in more than a dozen languages. We are certified in various techniques and approaches, including asynchronous and synchronous learning, the Kirkpatrick Model for training evaluation, and executive and team coaching.

By Application

Solutions are context specific and derived from the realities of the workplace.

By Action Learning

We identify areas outside of the classroom for practice of the new skill-- specific meetings, conversations or relationships where the new skill or tool can be tested.

By Accompaniment

A term derived from Paul Farmer, we identify a roadmap and provide the support to strategize application, encouragement, and feedback along the way.

Learning Programs and Training

Learning needs assessments


Design and delivery of in-person, virtual, and hybrid training and learning programs (standalone and blended)

Facilitation services

Evaluation of training and learning programs, using the Kirkpatrick Method

Workshops and Strategic Convenings


Communities of practice / stakeholder roundtables

Team building

Interagency policy discussions

Executive Coaching Services



Coaching skill development

Organizational Development and Capacity Strengthening Support

Organizational Capacity Assessments

Workforce Analysis

Social Network Analysis

Change Management Support

Benchmarking and stakeholder analysis

Mentoring program support

Facilitating Digital Transformation

Designing eLearning and virtual learning programs

Management of Hybrid Teams

Digital Readiness

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